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Sir Sean advertises Scotch whisky

21st January, 2004

One of the world's screen superstars, Sir Sean Connery, has for the first time agreed to promote his country's most famous product, Scotch whisky, using James Bond. The former 007 was accused of hypocritical actions when 13 years ago he appeared in an advert for Japanese whisky in Japan. Now a Scottish whisky firm has finally employed his services to boost several international markets.

Sir Sean's appears as in the early Bond film with computer generated effects in a scene from Dr No . The young Connery goes to a bar to make a drink, when suddenly the old Bond appears and tells him to try something different.

Knighted by the Queen, given the freedom of his native Edinburgh, now he is making a foray into the Scotch whisky industry. Thirteen years ago a Commons motion expressed astonishment that he could promote Japanese whisky in Japan.

The advertising campaign for de-luxe whiskies produced by Glasgow based, Dewars, includes television, print and cinema in markets as diverse as Greece, Russia and Mexico.

Whisky Analyst Alan Gray said: "Certainly in Sir Sean, we've got a very good ambassador for Scotland who is known worldwide, I believe it's a marriage made in heaven as far as the brand is concerned."

When the entrepreneurial spirit of John and Tommy Dewar founded the company 155 years ago, they could not have imagined today's world of marketing and promotion. It is amazing it's taken so long to establish the natural ties between the brands that are Scotch whisky and Sir Sean.